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I know I haven’t posted anything since 2 months. I have been very busy with my another blog and YouTube channel. But now I’m back with a good Smartphone App for you all. If you are someone like me who like to change their Smartphone’s wallpaper every now and then, this is App is for you. I’m talking about OGQ Backgrounds HD.


About OGQ Backgrounds HD:

Backgrounds HD is an Android App which has thousands of wallpapers in different categories. Currently the app contains 8000+ wallpapers from categories like nature, universe, paintings, food, illustrations, etc. The best part about this app is, it is updated everyday with new wallpapers. So you are never bored with the App. Let’s learn about different aspects of the OGQ Backgrounds HD in detail.

Price: Free (contain ads)

Available for: Android & IOS

Please note: that I have tested this App on Android device so I’m not sure whether the layout and features differ in IOS or not.


OGQ Backgrounds HD comes with a very simple layout. When you open the App you see all the recently uploaded wallpapers. Wallpapers are sorted by categories, featured, recent and popular (daily, weekly, monthly and all-time) which you can access by scrolling left and right. Categories are listed alphabetically and there is a number written beside every category denoting the number of wallpapers in it. There is a special category which says 100,000+ downloads and it contains wallpapers which are downloaded more than 100,000 times.


There is a search and shuffle button at the top of the OGQ Backgrounds HD on the right side. Search button helps you search wallpaper using keywords while the Shuffle button shows up random wallpapers from all the categories.

There is a menu on the top-left which has settings, favourites and history (will be talking about it in the features section), Rating and Feedback option and their Facebook Page link.

OGQ Backgrounds HD shows wallpaper as a large icon so are able to see the image properly while searching. Once you click on a wallpaper, you land on a separate page which give details about that particular wallpaper like the Author’s bio, description, tags and number of times it is downloaded. You can download the wallpaper, mark as favourite or set it directly from here. All your downloaded wallpapers are stored in a separate folder named OGQ.



1. Favourites:
OGQ Backgrounds HD allows you to mark wallpapers as favourites. Suppose you liked a wallpaper and download it but due to some reason you cannot download it at the moment, you can just add that particular wallpaper in your favourites list by clicking on the star. You can access your favourites list from the menu.

2. History:

The App also maintains a history of wallpapers you have set directly. So in case if you delete that wallpaper from your gallery, you can download it again from the history. I don’t know why OGQ Backgrounds HD does not maintain a history of downloaded wallpaper. I mean we may need to access those wallpaper again.

3. Set as wallpaper:

You can set an image as your homescreen wallpaper from within the app. I could not find option to set the wallpaper for lockscreen. In my case, the wallpaper sets on my homescreen by default. The app allows you to set the wallpaper as fixed or scrollable with desired fit.

4. Live Wallpaper:

OGQ Backgrounds HD has a feature called as Live Wallpaper which can make any of its wallpaper live. What actually happens is that the scrollable landscape wallpaper scrolls automatically giving us a feeling of live wallpaper.


So that’s it about OGQ Backgrounds HD. I have tried to give you a complete idea about the App and how you can use it. One thing I would like to mention is that this app can be used in a different way like just for searching and downloading good quality image. We often need different images to edit and share on social media or send it to someone, so this app can be very useful for it. This often use it that way.

So what you think about OGQ Backgrounds HD Android App? Are you using any such Wallpaper App in your smartphone?

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