How to Install Custom Blogger Template

In my previous post I have discussed about why you need a custom or third party template for your blogger/blogspot blog. I have also shared 10 Beautiful Blogger Templates for Beauty Blogs. In this post I will be sharing a step-by-step guide to Install custom blogger template.

Before we begin, you need to extract the downloaded “zip template file” in a separate folder. We actually need to upload “xml file” from the extracted files. Refer the below picture to know what I mean. Once you have extracted the files, you are to Install your template.


How to Install Custom Blogger Template

1. Log into your blogger account and click on “template” from the menu in left.
2. Now click on “backup/restore” on the right.
3. Download full template and save it in your system.
4. In the same dialogue box, click on “choose file” and select the “xml” file from your extracted template. Upload that file.
5. Once your template is uploaded, you can edit the widgets and rearrange in “layout section”.

Enjoy your new custom template!

So this is how you Install custom blogger template. If you are unhappy with your updated template and you want to restore the older one, you can easily do that by following the steps mentioned above.

After restoring the older template again, chances are that you still see some widgets of the new template. You can remove those widgets from “layout section”.

Some of the widgets might not be removable from layout section. This happens when we Install Custom Blogger Template. To remove those widgets, you will need to edit the template code first and then remove it from the layout section. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. From the template section, select “edit html”.
2. Click on “jump to widget” and select the widget you want to delete from the drop-down menu. It will take you to that widget’s code.
3. Now from that particular widget’s code, find “locked=true” and change that “true” to “false”. Click on save arrangement.
4. Now go to the layout section again, select that widget and click edit.
5. Now you will see the “remove” button. Click on it to remove that widget.
I have tried to give you a complete guide to Install Custom Blogger Template. If you guys have any question regarding this, let me know in the comments below. I will answer them ASAP.


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