Balloon Bow and Arrow Review

If you ask me about the most played game in my phone, I will say “Balloon Bow and Arrow“. It is a simple game which can keep you hooked for long. It has been downloaded for more than 3,500,000 times from PlayStore so you can guess how entertaining the game is. If you are not aware of this game, don’t worry, I’m here to tell you.

Balloon Bow and Arrow


Price: Free (contain ads and In-app purchases)

Available for: IOS and Android devices

Developer: Manas Gajare (Zabuza labs)

About the game:

The game begins with 25 arrows to shoot the balloons which are floating upwards and your aim is to shoot as many balloons as you can. You get some small targets to achieve like Pop 20 small balloons, 5 medium balloons, etc. With every hat-trick you get 2 additional arrows. And the game continuous until you lose all your arrows. Which means the better the player, the longer the game.


Score details

With every balloon you shoot, you earn some points. There are 3 types of balloos i.e. small, medium and large, all in 6 different colors. Some are just plain balloons and some balloons are with coins. To collect the coins you need to shoot balloons with coins. Collected coins can be used to buy additional pack of arrows, themes and powers.


There are total 8 themes available in the game Balloon Bow and Arrow out of which 3 are free and rest we can buy using 2500 coins. Themes are nothing but backgrounds.

To make the game more interesting some powers float up along with the balloon. You need to shoot those powers in order to use them. What powers basically do is shoot multiple balloons at a time. Which means more score and coins. Also, sometimes you get hat-trick because of the powers, so 2 arrows bonus + game lasting longer. By default only one of each powers come in a single game. If you want more powers, you can buy them using 250 coins.

In-app Purchases:

As we all know by now that everything in the game Balloon Bow and Arrow can be purchased using coins. You can obviously play day and night and collect a lot of coins but if you need a short cut, here is it. You can buy coins using real money. Prices are $0.99 for 4,000 coins, $1.99 for 10,000 coins and $2.99 for 16,000.

Pros & Cons: 

The good points:

  • Free game
  • Interesting and mind refreshing
  • In-app purchases are quite cheaper

The not-so-good points:

  • Contains ads (which I don’t feel bad about) 
  • Player may get bored after some days as there isn’t any difficult target

TLA Rating: 4.5/5


Overall, it is a simple and entertaining game which has the power to keep you busy playing. Attractive themes and powers makes Balloon Bow and Arrow more interesting. Ads may be annoying but you can always play the game offline.

Have you played Balloon Bow and Arrow? What’s your highscore? Tell me in the comment section below.

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