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Hey Bloggers,

What is that one thing every blogger is worried about? Blog Traffic. Yes, because without traffic blogging is nothing. After all, you need someone to read your blogs.

So how you get readers for your blog? Search Engines? Yes but then it is difficult to get blog traffic using search engine. Then for regular traffic we reach social media. But then not everybody is interested in your story on social media. So how and where we bloggers can get our target audience? Answer to this question is Affimity.


What is Affimity?

It is a next generation social network people with same interest and passion meets. It is a new entrant in this social media market designed specifically to connect bloggers with their readers. It is a place where we can share our content with people who are interested in reading it.

How it works?

Affimity allows people register on its site and then we can connect with people either by adding them as friend or simply following them. You can access all your friends and follower’s post on their profile.

Next they have is different Channels which are nothing but groups of different category or interest. Any of the user can post in any particular channel and that channel users (or only your friends if you choose to share it with your friends only) see your post and join the conversation via comments. So you are promoting your post and making good relationship with your audience at the same time.


A good blogger is a good reader first. As an Affimity user we can read posts of our interest, share it on any social media and even save it on our timeline for future reference. Reading good contents will definitely give you some ideas for new post. So this platform is not only promoting your posts but also helping you in creating new one.

Another important task of a blogger is to maintain good relationship with fellow bloggers. This Social media platform takes care of that aspect as well. It is good place to connect with fellow bloggers of our niche. We can read their post and even have a conversation with them.

Why bloggers should Join Affimity?

  • to promote your post to the right audience
  • to connect with your readers in almost real-time
  • to read some good content
  • to connect with fellow bloggers of your niche
  • to get ideas for new post

Overall, #Affimity is a #socialblogging platform which has give bloggers a way to connect with correct audience and non-bloggers get access to content of their interest and passion. It is a good platform to connect with like-minded people and discuss and explore things you love.

Join the #AffimitySocialBlogging now and connect with me here. You can also sign using the Android or IOS App.


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