How To Activate WhatsApp Video Call in Android

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I know I’m not updating this blog frequently. Something or the other was keeping me busy in the past few months. But I’m back now and will be regular with this blog too. I have a lot of apps and games and some blogging and YouTube tips to share with you guys. Also, I’m planning to interview some bloggers and Youtubers so that we can learn something from them. I’m also working on making videos and I have already made a YouTube Channel for it. I’ll be very happy if you subscribe the channel now. So a lot of things will be coming on Talk Learn Aid this month.

Now coming to today’s post, I often receive messages on WhatsApp in different group to do some stupid thing to enable new special WhatsApp version, to change my WhatsApp icon or to enable video calling feature. Like a sensible person, I never bother to do such things. When any Apps roll out any update, you directly receive it via your app store. Simple.

In this post I’m going to share a simple and genuine method to enable Whatsapp Video Calling from Google PlayStore. Whatsapp has not yet given this feature via update but we can try this feature right now by becoming a beta tester of this app. Here is how you can become a beta tester and activate Whatsapp Video Call in Android:


Step 1: Open Whatsapp in your PlayStore App. Scroll down till you reach the end and you will see an option to become a beta tester. Click I’m in.


Now wait for a few minutes.


Step 2: After some time you will see the beta update. Download that update.


Step 3: Now whenever you Click on the call button, you will get options to make either voice or video call.


Enjoy this new feature in your WhatsApp Messenger App. After this update you might experience some glitches as this is the beta version of the app. Although I haven’t experienced any problem after the update. Everything is working fine and the video calling too is good.

That’s all for today. I hope you found this post on to activate WhatsApp Video Call in Android helpful. This is not a spam so feel free to share this with others. 😉

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