5 Benefits My Blog Giveaway Gave Me

A few months back I wrote an article about the benefits a blog contest/giveaway gives and after that I organised a giveaway on my blog HBF. I was very happy with its result and decided to write about what all things I gained.

Here are 5 benefits I gained from a blog giveaway:


1. Followers Followers Followers

Yes, I earned a good amount of social media followers of my blog.

More followers = More Exposure = Increase in site traffic = Money

Increasing social media followers was my main motive behind holding this contest and I think this is the best benefit I gained.

2. Increased Social Media activities

More followers means more people will see your social media posts and this will increase your likes, comments and even shares.

3. Increase in blog comments

I earned many new readers due to this blog giveaway, and some new readers also left comments on my blog post.

4. Discovered new blogs

Some of the bloggers from my niche also participated in my blog’s giveaway, due to which I discovered new blogs to read and comment.

5. Made some friends

Yes, bloggers from my niche who participated in the giveaway are now my friends (at least on social media). We hangout with each other on social media and on each other’s blog.

Last Words:

So these are the benefits a blog giveaway gave me. I would like to mention one important thing here. I had experience people unfollowing my blog’s social channels after the giveaway ended. But then the amount of unfollowers are pretty less. And we definitely don’t want such followers who are least interested in our website’s content.

Over to you:

Now you tell me what all benefits you gained from a blog contest/giveaway?

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