2 Years with my Blog Health Beauty and Food

2 years – 101 Blog Posts – 1200+ Social Media Followers!!!


It was on 20th April when I started my blog Health Beauty and Food mainly to share reviews of products I use and recipes of my kitchen experiments. Today, after 2 years, I feel it was the best decision of my life. My blog HBF has given me everything what I wanted. But the best part of this 2 years blogging journey is Happiness and Satisfaction which is incomparable.

All it started with my hobby of reading beauty blogs and hunting for new recipes to try. I never knew how this blog became an extremely important part of my life. Off course, I faced some ups and downs too in these 2 years. But, overall it is a great experience. I learnt many things in this journey and met some good people online who are always ready to help.

From getting my adsense account approved to receiving PR Samples and earning money from my blog (Thanks to blogmint), I achieved almost everything in this 2 years. And yes, not to forget, appreciation for my work is another big thing which kept me going.

I had amazing 2 years with my Blog Health Beauty and Food and I wish many more years (better than these 2 years) come in my life.

Lastly, I want to Thank my Family for all the support and a big thanks to all my blogger friends for their help and feedback!


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